Nick Edwards

"It's an unusual and unexpected privilege to hear an artist of Nick's genuine ability perform his own music in such a setting - what a perfect summer evening."
Jane Jones (Classic FM)


"Thank you so much for a wonderful evening last Saturday [premiere of Midday Moonlight] and for sharing your talents with us in such an idyllic setting on a beautiful summer's evening. It was truly one of the highlights of our year..... Your pieces are sublime and the whole album a triumph. We feel so honoured to be treated to such a magical premiere."
Cathy Crozier Cole (Owl In The Sun)

"You are a fantastic composer and pianist.... [Midday Moonlight is] simply fantastic. You have painted a dream. Congratulations!" Irene Luperini (Sine Modo)

" We played your CD as soon as we got in the car. It's so so so beautiful!! Amazing music"

Jess Roberts (The Silver Rays)

"The sound of the instrument [in Midday Moonlight] is really top notch, it doesn't have too much room, it doesn't sound like a digital church, it sounds like someone playing piano beside me, looking out of my window... your compositions are very rich and full of musical ideas and are always a little different...some of them are mellow, some are happy, jaunty, and some are a bit off the wall. I like these the best: going in and out of tonality and trying something different to all the other [sic] great composers... this is very refreshing...you nailed it in numbers like Claire on the Moon. The Distracted Chaconne is a killer! If this song was played by a group with bass, drums, guitar plus piano, organ, mellotron and a Moog synth for the fast stuff, it would make a great instrumental!"
David Merz (guitarist, composer with Eyevory)

"Thanks for the [Midday Moonlight] sheet music Nick, arrived safely this morning, it was a present from Sarah for my birthday (at my request). I have been having a lovely time today having breaks from boring chores trying the pieces.. Everyone loves the CD: Bex put it on again last night, so it isn't just me."
Dr. Libby Morton

"I just had to write to say how much J and I have been enjoying your CD - I played it on Saturday afternoon and was completely knocked out by every piece. I like the order too -the flow is good and I like the way the themes change gently and not too contrastingly.... Generally I felt this is where Satie or Debussy would have been if only they had made it into the 21st century!"
Helen Harker (architect)

"I have been thoroughly enjoying listening to the CD."
Dr. Robin Slowe

"Your music is really wonderful, and amazing. I have loved listening to Midday Moonlight, and feel very privileged!"
Rachel Fixsen (writer and ceramicist)